• How do I search and find properties in the Netherlands?
    The best-known site for finding available houses for sale in the Netherlands is Funda.nl. Here you will find the largest selection of houses for sale. Would you also like to see properties that are not on Funda? Then sign up for Libero Aankoop's home assistant. You will then receive the latest property listings in your mailbox on a daily or weekly basis, including those not listed on Funda.

  • How to plan a viewing?
    In most cases, you can schedule a viewing by sending an email to the estate agent selling the property. Better is to call! Then you can schedule a viewing appointment right away.

  • What should I not forget during the viewing?
    We have created a viewing checklist especially for you. If you tick off this checklist during your viewing, you won't forget anything. And take someone with you during the viewing. Two people can often see more than one alone.

  • How does the buying process work?
    For expats, buying a property in the Netherlands is abracadabra. Therefore, it is wise to engage a buying agent. This is an expert on buying houses. The purchase broker can tell you exactly how the buying process works. We have also written an article about it. Read here how to buy a house in 7 steps.

  • How do I apply for a mortgage?
    If you want to apply for a mortgage to finance your home in the Netherlands, it is best to ask a mortgage adviser for advice. Libero Financial can arrange your mortgage for you. We are independent, which means that we are not tied to certain lenders. We really look at which mortgage best suits your wishes, requirements and dreams for the future.

  • What does a mortgage advisor do?
    A mortgage adviser will arrange financing for your home on your behalf. In doing so, he will talk to you. You must provide data so that the adviser can calculate the maximum amount you can borrow. With this calculation, the mortgage advisor will go to several lenders. He not only looks at the maximum amount lenders are willing to lend you, but also at the conditions they set. After all, these have to suit your situation. Now but also in the future.

  • What insurance should I take out?
    If you buy a property in the Netherlands, it is wise to take out a number of insurances. Home insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands. This covers all damage to your house. Think of damage caused by fire or a storm. Content insurance is recommended. It is also wise to think about death risk insurance and disability insurance. We will discuss all this with you during the mortgage consultation.

  • What does an estate agent do?
    A buying agent from Libero Aankoop takes the entire buying process off your hands. All you have to do is visit the house and decide whether you want to live in it. The purchase broker does the rest. He will determine (together with you) the perfect offer, conduct the negotiations, check the preliminary sales contract and keep you informed of all important details throughout the process. With a Libero Aankoop buying agent, you don't have to worry about the progress of the buying process. He takes care of that.

  • What are the costs?
    As a starter, you pay €3,500 for our complete purchase assistance including financing of the house. Do you already own a home in the Netherlands? Then you pay a little more, namely €3,900. This is an all-in rate. You pay €350 in advance and the rest when you receive the keys to your new home.

    We work with a performance bonus. This means that if we manage to buy the house below the asking price, we get 10% of the negotiation result. The other 90% is all yours. You can be sure that we will always go to the absolute bottom price.

  • What does k.k. house buying mean?
    In the advertisement of a property for sale, you will often see k.k. These are the 'buyer's costs'. These are the costs you pay when buying an existing home. This includes transfer tax (exemption up to €400,000), notary fees, valuation costs, advice and mediation costs, NHG costs, bank guarantee, estate agent fees and an architectural inspection. You don't always incur all these costs when buying a home.

  • Can I buy a house online?
    Much of the buying process can be done online. We do advise you to physically view the property. But if that is not possible, a virtual viewing will also suffice. We can arrange the entire purchase process for you online. All you have to do is be present when the keys are handed over. This takes place at the notary's office.

  • Can I take out a mortgage online?
    At Libero Financial, you can take out a mortgage online. We are in touch via video call. We work with an online customer portal. In this portal, you can see exactly which documents we still need from you to complete the mortgage application.

  • What information do I need to provide for the mortgage application?
    For the mortgage application, you need to provide various documents. We work with an online customer portal. In it, we indicate which documents we need to make the mortgage application. We have also written an article about it. This lists all the documents a lender may ask for before granting you the mortgage. Note! It is often not necessary to provide all these documents. Therefore, always stick to our customer portal for the required documents.

  • How does bid insurance work?
    With bid insurance, you can make an offer without any condition of financing. And you don't run any risk. With bid insurance, that risk lies entirely with us. For you, it only has advantages. Read more about bid insurance here.

  • What is the maximum amount I can borrow?
    The maximum amount you can borrow depends on a lot of factors. We have created a tool that will quickly give you a good indication of the maximum amount you can borrow. Keep in mind that you always need your own money to buy a house. This is often an amount of 4-6% of the purchase price. Calculate your maximum mortgage.