Interest rates are falling and that's good news for home buyers. Mortgage advisors saw a big increase in mortgage applications in the last quarter of 2023. Figures from Hypotheken Data Network (HDN) show this. Almost all major providers of mortgage and mortgage-related products are members of HDN. In the fourth quarter, applications increased by 15.5 percent compared to the same period in 2022. This does not include over- and under-closures.

Rabobank has been fined 12 million euros by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). According to the AFM, the bank violated rules when providing mortgages. The bank is said to have lent money without properly checking whether the mortgage loan was responsible for the customer.

For six weeks now, mortgage rates have been falling. Data from De Hypotheker shows that interest rates are currently back to their January 2023 level.Lower mortgage rates mean homebuyers can borrow more. Exactly how much more you can borrow depends on your income. 

Want to buy a property in the Netherlands? Then pay close attention! On 1 January 2024, mortgage rules will change. Single people will be able to borrow more to buy a house. And the National Mortgage Guarantee limit goes up further.

Applying for a mortgage as an expat Thursday 23 November 2023 - Libero Expats

Are you working as an expat in the Netherlands? Then you can also apply for a mortgage. This actually goes the same way as when a Dutch person applies for a mortgage. Yet for you as an expat, it is often a difficult process. There is a language barrier in most cases. In addition, finding a good mortgage advisor is also a laborious process. 

Do you really need a mortgage broker? Wednesday 22 November 2023 - Libero Expats

Libero Expats helps expats to plan their financial lives. In doing so, we take into account past debts or inheritances, but also the standard of living of the present as well as the future dreams our clients have. 

Mortgage rates will remain high for at least another year. For first-time buyers on the housing market, this makes it even harder to buy a house. But there are possibilities, also for starters.

Borrow more for a house with energy label A or B Thursday 28 September 2023 - RTL Z

Looking to buy a property next year? Then take a critical look at the energy label of the house. If you buy a house with an A or B label, you can borrow up to 10,000 euros more. And does the house have energy label A++++? Then the extra amount you can borrow can be up to 50,000 euros.