From start to finish: we are there for you
Buying a house in the Netherlands is not easy if you were not born and raised in the Netherlands. The buying process here may be entirely different from what you are used to. Also, to finance the house, you probably have to meet different requirements in the Netherlands than in your home country.

That's where you need help! And we can help you. We have already helped 12,345 expats with the purchase and financing of their home. And we are proud of that.

This is how we help you!

  1. Unlimited complete purchase assistance. We show you how to search for homes in the Netherlands. We also tell you where you can find the gems on the housing market. Did you know that with us, you can see 100% of the latest properties before other homebuyers can see them? This gives you a big head start on all those other home buyers.
  2. Unlimited calculations. Have you found a property you want to view? Please let us know. We'll tell you how to schedule a viewing. We also have tips and tricks for you to use when viewing the property. Don't forget to schedule an appointment with the financial advisor first. He will calculate whether you can afford the house. Then you immediately know where you stand. 
  3. The best negotiating broker. Can you see yourself living in that property? Tell us. Then we will take immediate action. Our estate agents are great at negotiating. That is why we do not work with a commission, but with a performance bonus. If we manage to buy the house below the asking price, you pay us 10% of the negotiation result. The other 90% is all yours! 
  4. Unique bid insurance. If you qualify for bid insurance, you will be able to make an offer without any financing reservation. Your offer will then be even more attractive to the seller. Chances are you will buy the property! Ask your mortgage advisor whether you can and may take out bid insurance.
  5. Offer accepted? Apply for a mortgage. Has your bid been accepted? Then the mortgage advisor will find the mortgage that best suits your situation.
  6. Pay afterwards. With us, you pay most of it afterwards. You pay 350 euros in handling charges in advance and the rest once we have actually bought a house for you and the mortgage has been arranged.

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